I'm All Yours (2015)

Comedy / Drama • 100 minutes  5.9/10
Starring: Vimala Pons Mehdi Djaadi Agnès Jaoui Ramzy Bedia Laurent Capelluto Claudia Tagbo Anémone Zinedine Soualem and others.
Released • September 30, 2015

Charming thirty-year-old Hanna Belkacem has inherited the gene from her parents: she is unable to say no. And as she is the Director of Human resources of a big firm such infirmity is not without its problems, particularly when she has to fire someone. The only solution she has found to be forgiven is to... get laid with the men she lays off! One day, not wanting to upset someone as she is wont to, she finds herself in a very embarrassing situation: she is mistaken for a former school-friend of a hospital doctor mourning his mother. She of course goes to bed with him. As a result, Dr.…

A.K.A. DE: Mademoiselle Hanna und die Kunst Nein zu sagen  ES: Je suis à vous tout de suite  FR: Je suis à vous tout de suite  PT: Je suis à vous tout de suite  RU: Искренне ваш