Double Barrel (2015)

Adiyilla Vedi Maathram
Comedy / Drama / Thriller • 158 minutes  5.4/10
Starring: Prithviraj Sukumaran Indrajith Sukumaran Arya Sunny Wayne Swathi Reddy Isha Sharvani Chemban Vinod Jose Anil Radhakrishnan Menon and others.
Released • August 28, 2015

A group of gangsters set out in search of two diamonds named "Laila and Majnu", which are worth only when they a together.

A.K.A. DE: ഡബിൾ ബാരൽ  ES: ഡബിൾ ബാരൽ  FR: ഡബിൾ ബാരൽ  IN: Eratta Kuzhal  PT: ഡബിൾ ബാരൽ  RU: ഡബിൾ ബാരൽ