Disorder (2015)

Drama / Thriller • 98 minutes  6.1/10
Starring: Matthias Schoenaerts Diane Kruger Paul Hamy Victor Pontecorvo Zaïd Errougui-Demonsant Percy Kemp Jean-Louis Coulloc'h Michaël Dauber and others.
Director: Alice Winocour Screenplay: Alice Winocour Director of Photography: Georges Lechaptois Producer: Emilie Tisné Editor: Julien Lacheray Music: Mike Lévy
Released • September 30, 2015

Vincent is an ex-soldier with PTSD who is hired to protect the wife and child of a wealthy Lebanese businessman while he's out of town. Despite the apparent tranquility in Maryland, Vincent perceives an external threat.

A.K.A. DE: Der Bodyguard  ES: Disorder (El Protector)  FR: Maryland  ID: Disorder: Maryland  PT: Transtorno  RU: Телохранитель  US: Close Protection